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  Chain link fence Dip
  Dip the chain link fence is one of the preservative, the more mature approach is: Powder Dip, which originated in the fluidized bed method, the so-called fluidized bed initially in Winkler gas furnaceused in petroleum contact with decomposition, led to the development of the solid-gas two-phase contact process, after gradually for metal coated. So sometimes still called "fluidized bed coating method, the actual process of the powder paint was added to a porous breathable container (flow channel) at the bottom of the treated compressed air is fed from below by the blower, so that powder coatings flip achieve" flow state ". A uniform distribution of the finely divided powder.
We know that the fluidized bed solids flow patterns in the second stage (the first stage is a fixed bed stage, the second stage is the air flow conveying stage), to continue to increase the velocity (W) on the basis of a fixed bed, the bed began to swell and loose bed height increases, each of the powder particles are floated for a certain degree of mobility and thus away from the original position, and then it enters the fluidized bed stage. the BC segment illustrates the expansion of the fluidized powder layer of its height (I) increased with the increase of the gas velocity, but does not increase the pressure within the bed (△ P), without affecting the fluid flow rate of change within a certain range units required power, which is the characteristics of the fluidized bed coating process embodiment is the use of this feature. The uniformity of the powder in fluidized state in the fluidized bed is to ensure the key to a uniform coating film. Fluidized bed powder coating is a vertical fluidized, the fluidization number must be tested to find out, can generally capable of coating, fluidized bed powder suspension rate of up to 30 to 50 %.

The Dip as follows: For example: chain link fence after degreasing preheated to above the melting point of the powder coating, dipping into the fluidized bed after plastic powder uniform adhesion, and then the plasticizing the polymer crosslinking stream level into the steel-plastic composite products.
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